Intensive Treatment Program

Kinghaven is a 70-day intensive residential treatment program dealing with problematic substance use issues that follows a Harm Reduction Model of addiction treatment. The program is comprised of four phases: Orientation, Program Development, Group Therapy, Transitional and Aftercare Planning. Throughout the program clients have the opportunity to participate in education sessions on: keys to recovery, emotional regulation, living your values, stress management, grief and loss, communication, models of recovery, spirituality, trauma and recovery, overcoming stigma, mental health, creativity, as well as family dynamics. They will participate in therapeutic house duties; complete tracking sheets that monitor their participation in a number of aspects of our program including: group, what they learned each day, daily exercise, daily centering practices, change plan goals and positive emotional practices. They have the opportunity to attend in-house AA meetings; SMART Recovery meetings, as well as Focus Groups on Self-Esteem, Co-Dependency, Art Therapy and Relapse Prevention/Aftercare Planning.  Opportunities to do Volunteer Work in the Abbotsford Community is encouraged as are our exercise programs through soccer, softball, the exercise room, and the walking club. Clients will be randomly screened for substance abuse during their engagement in our programs. Most importantly, all clients have the opportunity to create a Transitional and Aftercare Plan which, if they choose to follow, will support them in creating a productive life free of substance misuse.