Frequently Asked Questions

How much does treatment cost?

Core funding is provided to the organization by Fraser Health but clients are charged a service fee. Please call the information desk to inquire about costs. In some cases a subsidy may be available.

Applicants wishing to be admitted who are clients of the Ministry of Social Development must have an “open” file with that ministry prior to admission.

If the applicant’s treatment is to be paid by their employer or insurance company written confirmation of payment from their employer or insurance company must be received by the organization prior to admission.

Self-paying clients must present a certified cheque, cash, Visa or Mastercard prior to admission.

How soon will I get in after I apply

Once an application is received it is reviewed as soon as possible by the clinical team to determine suitability for the program. The process will be delayed if all the information is not supplied. Admission is determined by bed availability.

What is the policy regarding prescription and non-prescription medication?

Only those medications prescribed by the organization’s House Physicians may be taken while a resident. Do not bring any prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements or outside food to Kinghaven or Peardonville House.  If you do these items will be collected at admission and returned you upon program completion. Kinghaven and Peardonville House do not cover the costs of prescription medications. Please ensure that you have secured coverage for these medications prior to admission.

How much spending money will I need while a resident?

Residents will require money to do their own laundry, purchase toiletries, snacks etc.

Can I bring my car or other mode of transportation (bike, roller blades)?

No, clients are not allowed to have personal vehicles, bicycles or roller blades while in treatment and there is nowhere to store them on the property.

When are visiting hours?

Clients may have visitors Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 1:00pm TO 4:30pm. If a visitor wishes to stay for dinner they may do so for a cost of $5.00. The visit will then end following dinner.

What recreation is available?

Clients have access to basketball, badminton and bocce on the lawns. A small weight room is also available. Once a client is granted a pass on the weekend they can access the 2 recreation centres in Abbotsford at their own expense. Clients are not supported to bring their own personal work-out equipment to the centre.

Can I make or receive telephone calls or send letters?

There are 2 pay phones available at Kinghaven. These phones are available to clients following program hours to make and receive calls. We recommend bringing a prepaid phone card for the payphones. Cell phones are not allowed at any of our programs. Mail can be given to our intake staff daily to be mailed and any mail sent to a client will be given to them as it is received.

Do I need to attend program every day?

Yes. You are expected to take part in all aspect of the program during your entire stay.

What personal items should I bring?

Please refer to the referral package for a list of item to bring and not to bring. Any items on the “not to bring” list will be collected and not returned until program completion. Clients are permitted to have no more than two bags of personal effects.

Can I bring my cell phone or other electronics?

While a resident of Kinghaven clients are not allowed to have cell phones, computers, tablets, iPods, iPads, or video game devices (DS, PSP, Wi etc.). Devices that can have video playback capability, get an internet connection, have audio, video and picture taking abilities are not permitted. Personal video players, cameras and audio/video recorders are not permitted. Possession of these items, while in treatment, may lead to Kinghaven withdrawing services.

MP3 players that cannot play back videos, capture pictures, audio and video record; or connect to the internet are permitted.

Will Kinghaven find a place for me to live following treatment?

No, Kinghaven does not have the resources to find housing for its commencing clients. It is strongly suggested that clients make every effort to secure safe housing prior to leaving treatment. Staff will provide them with a list of Second Stage Housing approved by Fraser Health Authority.