Employment Readiness Program

This 5 week Employment Readiness Program is designed to accommodate those clients wishing to improve their employability following treatment and is an integral part of our 70-day Intensive Treatment Program . Admission to this part of the program is contingent on the client’s engagement in the first five weeks of the Intensive Treatment Program. The program consists of multiple interventions that will support the clients as they transition from residential treatment to community attachment, education or training programs, social service community connections and/or housing supports.

Reintegration into the community as productive, employable citizens should be the goal of those enrolled in this part of our program.

Residents will be provided with the following interventions and/or workshops to support them in achieving their employment goal:

  • Intensive Group Therapy (including Trauma and Grief and Loss)
  • Expressive Art Therapy
  • Life Management Series (S.O.B.E.R Skills)
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Literacy Teaching (Reading, Writing and Comprehension)
  • Goal Setting and Electronic Vision/Dream Boards
  • Values Inventory
  • WorkBC  – Case Manager itinerant services and supports
  • Career Decision Making
  • Career / Vocational  Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Labour Market Information
  • Effective Job Search Strategies
  • Preparing a job ready resume
  • Bus ticket program: provided by the United Way of the Fraser Valley
  • Guest Speaker:  The BC Centre for Abilities – Opportunities Funds
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of disclosing a disability to a potential employer
  • Criminal Record and Employment
  • Job Maintenance
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • Fitness and Mobility
  • Running Club
  • Nature Walking Club
  • Aboriginal Teaching
  • Industry Training Authority – ITA provides iterate services to residence seeking information on how to enter into trades training

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Kinghaven Treatment Centre saved my life twice. Participating in the Employment Readiness Program, prepared me with the proper tools I needed to seek and maintain employment.  It provided me with the edge I needed to take a look at my past and really dig deep to determine what made me want to relapse and why.  It also helped me to address my issues and give myself the opportunity talk about my issue; so I can better understand my feelings and to figure out a way to coop with the bad experiences in my past.  Allowing to accept who I am and what I’ve done.  I have looked into my goals and core beliefs, what things motivate and matter to me the most in life, and prepared 6 to 12 month goals. The educational sessions,I actually enjoyed going to.  I really liked the WorkBC workshops. Thanks to The Employment Readiness Program, I successfully found a job, I now live in my own bachelor condo. To the Employment Readiness Program… and all the ladies and gentlemen that took part in transforming me, my heart goes out to all of you / thank you” JF

“Well as one of the clients in the first ever program with Laura and Keith, I am happy to say that in October 2017, I will have 3 years clean.  I have also had the same job for almost 18 months.” CS

“The Employment Readiness Program was phenomenal.  It was full of  fun learning activities.  I liked doing the tree of life and goal setting.  I enjoyed the facilitators.  They always answered my work related questions, my budgeting questions.  I loved doing my 6 and 12 month goals, vision board and presenting it to the rest of the class.  I learned about life tolerance and having employment in your life in a healthy way.  The Computer basic course was very important for me to take.  The career and personality assessments were accurate and fun.  I just took my three year cake and I have just recently been hired on part time with the Abbotsford Sports and Entertainment Centre and Part time with the Tradex Centre.”  MB

“Without the Employment Readiness Program, I do not see how I could have been successful in my recovery and staying out of the prison system and  meaningful employment.   I enjoy going to it everyday and it has been instrumental in my recovery.  The Employment Readiness Program assisted me with the application for grant funding to take a Crane Operators course.  I have been employed full time as a Crane Operator since completing the course.  It is difficult in life to start over after being in the prison system for so long.  I would say having meaningful employment and secured housing have been the key things for me with it comes to my success.  I recently celebrated one year of sobriety.” TG

“The Employment Readiness Program gave me options to get back into the work world.  I was able to renew my resume.  I had no idea how many skills I had to offer a potential employer.  I was able to recognize how I could bring a lot of strength and knowledge into the workplace from my previous work experiences (bakery and restaurant industries).  The best thing out of the program was believing in myself and asking for the help to reach my goals.  In December 2017, I will be celebrating 2 years of sobriety.  I am working full time and I am able to financially take care of myself and my expenses.” RM

“Kinghaven gave me a solid recovery foundation.  I am forever grateful for all that they did for me.  The Employment Readiness Program gave me the information and training to start a new career.  I was hired one week after completing  a Class 1 – Professional Transport Driving Program that was funded through the BC Centre for Abilities.  I have more then six months of sobriety now and I no longer rely on income assistance.  I am working full time and loving what I do.”  JS

“I knew what I wanted to do but I did not have any idea of how I was going to achieve it.  The Employment Readiness Program gave me the skills and resources to make my dreams a reality.  The staff helped connect me with funding opportunities, that I otherwise would never had had access to.  They have supported me through the whole process and continue in assisting me with achieving my career goal.  This is an amazing program that really helps people change their lives.” JA

“The Employment Readiness Program was definitely a great opportunity for me to take during my stay in treatment.  It has given me the focus and drive which is what one needs when reinventing myself themselves.  The program gives you a reason to get up and go.  I have eleven months of sobriety  and I have completed the Crane Operator program this year and just completed my Class 1 Professional Transport Truck Driver.” BR

“230 days clean and sober.  I am so grateful to Kinghaven Treatment Centre.  I hope to be able to take my one year cake there.  In the Employment Readiness program, I got to learn to properly make a resume.  I really enjoyed doing the Type Focus Assessment.  Plus, WorkBC worked very hard to make sure that we got the job we wanted.  I am working full time at a job I love.”  DW

 “The Employment Readiness Program is a very, very helpful program giving much benefit and incite to those looking to back to work and for those that are uncertain of what they want to do or what is actually out there for them.  I now have the employment direction, which will eventually be a career.  Thank you.”  SH

“The Employment Readiness Program helped me a great deal. This program came at a time in my life where change was much need because of multiple strokes.  The teachers in the program helped me learn to eat properly, develop life goals, plan for the future and learn basic computer skills.  WorkBC provided testing to see where my strengths were and what jobs I might do well at.  This made me feel confident about my goals and my future.  I would like to thank you for your hard work and the lessons you have taught me.”  RH

“The Employment Readiness Program helped alleviate my fears of going back to school.  It showed me that I can go back to school and that I am very capable of attending a University of College.  I had no idea how to use a computer and frankly I was paralyzed with fear even being around a computer.  The program and staff  helped me learn basic computer skills without me becoming overwhelmed and wanting to give up (something that in my addiction would have been easy to do).   The program gave me routine, structure, connection and a sense of purpose each day.  I am now in my second year of university with a 4.0 GPA.  I recently moved out of BC housing into my own basement suite.  I will have three years of sobriety this year and I just bought myself a 2017 vehicle.  I just recently joined toast masters to work on my public speaking skills.  I volunteer as an AA sponsor.” MJ

“I have been working a steady part time job throughout the past two years, which has helped me in become more financially dependent on myself.   My life has changed a lot since becoming clean and sober… without all the fear around what I thought I couldn’t do.  I now have a vocational goal, I am actively working towards achieving”  MJ

“I was able to do a ton of good over the past seven months because the Employment Readiness Program put me on point.  On March 2017, Myself and 4 others will be going to Ottawa to get a metal from the Prime Minister.  I obtained funded training to become a Paramedic after I completed the Employment Readiness Program.  I went to work with a crew of 4 other people fighting the BC Forest fires this past summer.  My crew and I were driving to an existing fire when we spotted a fresh start on the side of the highway.  We evacuated and saved 206 homes.  I am still sober since completing Kinghaven and the Employment Readiness program back in February 2017.”  TB

“The Employment Readiness Program gave me a plan but it also gave me confidence in myself that I never had inside before.  I got the confidence to go out and be social as well as enjoy working.  Since I completed Kinghaven, The Employment Readiness Program , I have got a place on my own, I am working with vehicles and I got a full time job at Princess Auto in Coquitlam, which is a great job and great people to work with.  Thank you.” DJ