About Us

Our Mission Statement

“to provide a community that transforms lives one-by-one”

Residents have the opportunity to address their problematic substance use through education, group therapy, life skills development and an employment readiness program.

The ideal candidate for admission to our 70-day, intensive residential and employment readiness program, is an adult male totally committed to transforming his life from dependence on mood altering substances to one of long-term, healthy and productive recovery.

Those men most suitable for admission to our stabilization and transitional living program, Valley House, are men who may have a need for a longer period of time to adjust to and become anchored in the recovery process. These residents, should they choose, will be afforded the opportunity to transition into the more intensive Kinghaven program and to be assessed for admission into the employment readiness program.

A Brief History

Kinghaven Treatment Centre was established in 1971 as MSA Halfway House. Over the past 45 years it has evolved into one of the country’s premier intensive residential treatment centres having served in excess of 28,000 adult men who present with problematic use of mood-altering substances.

From our humble beginnings as a 32-bed recovery house, treating men with an addiction to alcohol, we pride ourselves on having expanded to a 62-bed, state-of-the-art facility with some of the most innovative and “best practices” services available in a residential treatment setting.  These include detoxification with our Riverstone Mobile Detox partners;  stabilization and transitional living in our Valley House program; intensive addiction treatment and employment readiness in the comprehensive Kinghaven program as well as literacy skills training and culturally sensitive programming for First Nations residents.

Located in the tranquil Fraser Valley of British Columbia our campus also includes the new George Schmidt Centre, a 31 unit second stage housing facility.